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Yeah, it's cheezy, but it got you reading, didn't it? Well squishies, it's announcement time here at Xeno's Paradise. As of today, this will no longer be the main Xeno's Paradise site.

The main site is at, please update your bookmarks!

This site won't be going away, but it'll be relegated to mirror status. The strip will continue to be updated, but nothing else will be. For fresh news, fanart and all the rest, please go to the main site and join the fun!

I'm grateful for Comic Genesis for starting me off and providing a place to get my bearings, but after a month's worth of service interruptions, I need something more stable for my home base. See you all there!

-- Kels

Updates Monday-Wednesday-Friday

Xeno's Paradise is fully hand-drawn, using a 2B pencil for sketching, various Microns, Sharpies and brush pen on 11x14" poster paper. I am a great believer in traditional art, so most of what you see here will not be produced on the computer.

Xeno's Paradise is my first comic, but definitelynot my last.

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