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My Stuff

Xeno's Paradise, my first and so far only webcomic.

Under the Rose, an illustrated story that I'd started writing at one point. It never went very far, since my artist had other obligations, but it's an interesting curiosity.

Nezumi Works at deviantART. I have much art here, including photography and almost all of my non-Xeno art, as well as a few Xeno-related items.

Kels at Fur Affinity. All my fur and animal-related stuff is here, although almost all of it also appears on my dA site.

Furry Comics

Umlaut House Two - A real inspiration to me. The artist has been making some really big strides, and has offered invaluable assistance to me as well. Definitely worth the read.

- Similarly inspiring, the artist clearly improves as she goes along, and she's totally friendly. My Censor Panda comes from her site too, so you know she's awesome.

Jack - Pretty strong stuff, but one of the best furry comics out there.

Digger - This is a really special series, although you gotta sign up to get the archives. More than worth it, I'd say.

Other Webcomics

Tenth Charm - A fresh look Sailor Moon by a couple of very good online friends. You owe it to yourself to take a look.

Wapsi Square - One of my favourites. Seriously, you gotta check it out.

Questionable Content - Same as above. Really, wow.

User Friendly - Geeks, Canadians..what more could you ask for?

Naoko Muragama: Video Game Champion - An old friend does this one. Boobs and video games, who are you to complain?

Pastel Defender Heliotrope - Slime-related goodness. Also check out Unicorn Jelly from the same artist for what is really the seminal slime-related webcomic on the 'net.

Other Links

The 22 Little Panels Project - Based on Wally Wood's classic reference sheet, I took part in the project before embarking on Xeno's Paradise, to see if I was up to the challenge. Go check it out, and if you're an artist, definitely give it a try.

Gesture Drawing for Animation - A "book" made up of class handouts from vetran Disney animator Walt Stanchfield. If you're into any sort of visual storytelling, definitely give it a look.

The 24-Hour Comics - A challenge to creativity and determination. I'm hoping to get involved in a 24-hour event this fall, so wish me luck when the time comes.

Illustration Friday - Ever wonder where artists get all their crazy ideas? Well, it turns out to be this site.

Wet Canvas - A message board for artists of all types. Loads of interaction and resources, and a lot of brilliant art. I post here fairly regularly.

Amateur Illustrator.com - A small but lively and welcoming community for aspiring illustrators. I just signed up there recently, but they're a good bunch.

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