Okay, so here's how and why you get hold of me. The address is in the image at the bottom of the page. As to the other particulars...

  1. I love fanart. Gimme fanart. If I get fanart, I'll post it over in the Pimp My Pseudopod section. Just keep it to a reasonably small file size, as I don't want 1MB wonders filling up my mailbox. Also, they have to be G-rated, since that's how I have the rest of the site set up.
  2. I love feedback too. Gimme some of that also, although it probably won't be posted on the page or anything. I will however try to respond, assuming it's civil.
  3. Suggestions on how to improve the contents of the site or the wiki, or there's some problem with the LJ forum, definitely pass all that on. I'd rather know sooner rather than later.
  4. Keep in mind that I can sometimes be a bit slow in responding, and uncivil messages will likely just get deleted. But if I haven't gotten back to you about something that I should have, just give me another nudge after a few days.
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